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We work throughout Alicante: Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Benidorm, San Vicente de Raspeig, Alcoy, Elda, Denia, Santa Pola, Villajoyosa, Preter, Villena, Crevillente, Campello, Javea, Novelda, Ibi, Altea, Aspe, etc.

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New home construction

We build your ideal home from scratch.

Integral chalet renovation

Complete transformation of stylish chalets.

Integral apartment renovations

We renovate apartments for modern living.

Integral renovation of an old house

We revitalize old houses, preserving their essence.

Integral renovation of industrial building

Complete updating of industrial buildings to adapt them to your business.

Integral renovation of commercial premises

We redesign commercial premises, enhancing their attractiveness.

Integral renovation of shops or businesses

We modernize stores, improving the shopping experience.

Bathroom or kitchen renovation

Renovate bathrooms and kitchens, maximizing functionality.

We have everything necessary to carry out your renovation or new construction

From design to execution of the work

We make your dream come true, accompanying you from the initial design to the final execution with precision and quality.

Workers from all trades in the company's workforce.

We have qualified professionals from all sectors on our staff who guarantee a comprehensive and top-quality service.

Closed budget no surprises

We will give you a detailed and closed budget, ensuring total transparency without surprises.

We guarantee compliance with deadlines in writing

We have an absolute commitment to the agreed deadlines, guaranteeing them in writing for your complete peace of mind.

0 years

of experience doing renovations in Alicante, stand as our testament.

We transform spaces, create homes, improve companies.

Integral Renovations: Complete renovation of homes, offices or commercial premises, including the restructuring of spaces, electrical and plumbing installations.
Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations: Design and renovation of kitchens and bathrooms, including the installation of furniture, toilets and plumbing systems.
Electrical Installations: Updating electrical systems, lighting installation and home automation.
Carpentry and Joinery: Manufacture and installation of custom furniture, doors, windows and wooden floors.
Painting and Decoration: We provide interior and exterior painting services, along with expert advice on decoration and material selection.
Air Conditioning Installations: Installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Waterproofing and Insulation:Treatments for roofs, walls and floors that protect against damp and improve thermal and acoustic insulation.

Vertical Works: Rehabilitation of facades, painting and cleaning work at heights.
Facade Rehabilitation: Restoration and painting of facades, including crack repair and moisture treatment.
Flooring and Covering: Installation of all types of flooring, such as parquet, laminate, vinyl or tile, and wall coverings.
Installation of Windows and Doors: Renovation and improvement of energy efficiency through the installation of high quality windows and doors.
Plumbing Work: Renovation of pipes, installation of toilets and solution of plumbing problems.

Demolitions and Debris removal: Controlled demolition services and waste and debris management.

Extensions and Annexes: Construction of new rooms, porches, terraces or extensions of existing spaces.
Project Consulting and Management: Design, planning and construction monitoring services, including permit management.

Best price guaranteed. Transparency and precision in your Integral Reform budget

«In the competitive world of renovation companies, we understand the importance of providing clear budgets and fair prices. Our commitment is to offer transparent and comprehensive renovation budgets, distinguishing ourselves from other companies through meticulous adherence to deadlines.«

When requesting an estimate for home or premises renovation with us, we guarantee a completion date and a competitive price, ensuring that your project is carried out without surprises or hidden costs."

Interior design specialists

As interior design specialists, our team has the experience and creativity necessary to transform any space into a personalized retreat that reflects your essence and lifestyle.

From conceptualization to execution, we are dedicated to creating environments that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional and welcoming. Using the latest trends and high-quality materials, we customize each project to meet your unique desires, ensuring innovative solutions that maximize the potential of your space.

Characterized by clean lines, open spaces and a palette of neutral colors. The use of materials such as steel, glass and concrete stands out.
Based on simplicity and functionality. Use a reduced color palette and emphasize the feeling of space and order.
Inspired by factories and urban lofts. The use of elements such as exposed brick, exposed pipes and metals stands out.


It refers to the natural and rural, using materials such as untreated wood, natural tones, stone and natural fabrics.

Inspired by the southern coasts of Europe, it uses warm colors, natural textures and elements such as wrought iron and ceramics.
Disorganized style, freedom of textures, combination of furniture styles, numerous sofas and hammocks, diversity of colors.

Our guarantee is based on the more than 1000 homes, offices and businesses that we have renovated over the years.

Transform your home or business at the best price!

We work throughout Alicante: Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela, Benidorm, San Vicente de Raspeig, Alcoy, Elda, Denia, Santa Pola, Villajoyosa, Preter, Villena, Crevillente, Campello, Javea, Novelda, Ibi, Altea, Aspe, etc.

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